Grandma Tries Swedish Meatballs!

Grandma Tries Swedish Meatballs!

Last night for dinner Bea made the famous “Swedish meatballs” for my Grandma to try. Let me tell you I have never seen my Grandma eat so much in my entire life! She absolutely LOVED the meatballs! We had them the traditional Swedish way with potatoes, gravy, and lingonberries. I obviously only did not eat the meatballs because they contain meat, but I am determined to come up with a vegetarian version of them when I come home. (Do not worry fellow meat eaters I will still make the regular version for you guys to enjoy 😉 )

After dinner we watched a traditional Swedish movie called “Emil” before collapsing on our beds after another full day. I have been keeping my poor Grandma so busy I fear that she will sleep for a week straight once she returns home.

Today was National Swedish Day which is basically their version of the Fourth of July. There were lots of festivities planned such as a parade, music, races, etc – unfortunately the weather seems to have had other ideas as it has been storming all day. That is okay though because it gave me a chance to show off my cooking skills for Grandma. So far we have made granola, some bread, and later I will make a vegetable stew for dinner tonight. We have the house to ourselves for the weekend as the family will be staying at the fortress with some of their friends.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I have taken a bunch, but the internet is out so I cannot post them! As soon as it gets fixed I will, especially the ones of Grandma scarfing down her beloved meatballs.


Swedish Word of the Day: “persika” – peach

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