Hallmark Holidays (or lack there of) in Sweden

Hallmark Holidays (or lack there of) in Sweden

Valentines Day in Sweden

Valentines Day in America

Valentines Day in America


Hallmark Holidays just aren’t the same here in Sweden. In fact, they are basically nonexistent. In America the stores live for holidays. It gives them the perfect opportunity to fill entire isles with festive merchandise that no one really needs, but manage to throw in their carts anyway. For Valentines day in America this normally means rows and rows of Teddy Bears, heart shaped chocolate boxes, and flowers.

Here in Sweden…not so much. I went on a mad search to nearly every store in town. From grocery stores, to drug stores, to clothing stores, the ONLY sign that a holiday is about to happen tomorrow was this measly display – which may I add is not even correct! First off, since when is green a Valentines day color? Carmel Apples as well?! Hate to break it to everyone, but fall ended months ago! And finally, to be quite honest, I am pretty sure the “teddy bears” are actually rabbits.

Although their lack of holiday spirit is a tad sad to me, it is also typically Sweden. They are such practical people here I simply cannot get over it. I admire their way of thinking, it once again is a great example of how over the top we can be in America. Living in America that is just the norm, we except there to be over 25 options of chocolate hearts, and roses covering the walls in stores. It has been refreshing to be able to take a break from all of the excess and has helped me realize the importance of living in moderation. That being said, if there are not chocolate bunnies available around Easter, we are going to have some serious issues.

Hope everyone has a good day!

Eat some chocolate hearts for me tomorrow,


Swedish Word of the Day: “Alla hjärtans dag” – Valentines day! Literally it means All hearts day.

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