Happy Friday!

Happy Friday!

Today for school we had an activity day of sorts. We all meet in the morning down at the big spa hotel for a day of fun exercise type activities run by the “Spa 3″ kids at my school. Here is the schedule of activities we had to choose form.


We simply signed up for the classes that we wanted, then went. It was actually a lot of fun, I did yoga and massage as my foot has still been bothering me a bit from a long run I did last week. However, all of my classmates seemed to really enjoy the other classes and got quite the workout! It is really cool to be able to do things like this in my small Swedish school. I feel like doing this kind of thing is unheard of in America.

After we finished for the day my Swedish friend Sandra and I decided to go to Gekas (the Swedish Superstore that I claimed I would never return to) again. This time around I was actually really excited to go again because I have a lot of gift shopping to do for back home now! However, once I got there I remember why I hated this place in the first place. there were just so many people and everything was so crowded and unorganized I just got stressed out. Sandra and I looked around a bit, then decided to abort and head back home.

I got back to Varberg at around 5 and went out to have “After Work” with Bea, MorMor and Olivia. After work is a very Swedish thing on Fridays where people can go out, buy a drink, and enjoy a yummy mini buffet.

Unfortunately the rain came and dampened our moods so we all decided to go home. The rest of the night will consist of relaxing and watching “Let’s Dance” – perfect way to end this long day!


Swedish Word of the Day: “huvudvärk” – headache which is what poor Olivia has at the moment.

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