Mei Meis Birthday Extravaganza!

Mei Meis Birthday Extravaganza!

Tonight we had Mei Meis birthday party! It was quite the production, that included 10 screaming girls, a quiz game, a magician, burgers (Americam Style), a cake, and a dance party to top everything off. It was a lot of fun and Mei Mei had a great time, but now Bea and I are left exhausted (and with a giant mess). That is okay though it was all worth it.

Here are some pictures from the party:


Birthday Girl!
The Magician wowing the girls with his tricks.
photo 138

photo 140
photo 141
photo 143

Tonight it is another episode of “Welcome to Sweden”. I forgot to mention that last week Will Ferral was on it! Tomorrow my friend is coming down from Gothenburg to spend the weekend, and then it is a week of relaxing because we are on break now.


Swedish Word of the Day: “fest “- Party

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