My Day in Pictures

My Day in Pictures

I woke up at exactly 4:03 am this morning to some lovely birds chirping outside my bedroom window.

Managed to fall back asleep for a few hours then finally rolled out of bed at 7.


This was my yummy breakfast of plain yogurt, topped with homemade granola, flaxseeds, raisins, and a banana. I also had a cup of green tea to go along with it.


Then I got dressed. Here is another example of your typical swedish teenage attire (paired with white converse of course)


Off to school I go! Started the day off with gym which I did not participate in because of my foot. In gym today they went on a long run all threw Varberg so I just ride my bike alongside them. After gym we had math which was un eventful. They are busy preparing for the huge national test next week. Once math was done it was time for my favorite part of the day – lunch!


We are at Namaste an Indian restaurant in town and I got a vegetable curry. Sooooo good.

20140516-210103.jpg 20140516-210116.jpg 20140516-210139.jpg

After lunch we headed back to school only to find out that for “Etik” we were going across the street to see an art exhibit in town. It was super futuristic and involved lots of lights. Above are a few pictures from it. I was suppose to have an English class after this but the teacher said the weather was too nice out and said we could all go home! That’s Sweden for you.


After school I went to a spin class, my new latest fitness obsession. The sweat you can get from these is unreal!


Came home from that, took a shower, and then helped make dinner which was salmon patties. We had these with a nice huge salad and some steamed broccoli outside on our patio. It was the perfect way to end the day.

Tomorrow I plan on doing some major shopping at the market and helping Bea out in the garden. The weather looks gorgeous!


Swedish Word of the Day“uppgift” – task/assignment. In school we always hate hearing this because it means homework, I think it’s funny though because it has the word gift in it I always think of presents. So the teacher is basically just giving us presents in my mind. Ha – if only.

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