New Class in Sweden!

New Class in Sweden!

Today was finally the day we (well more like I) have all been waiting for – I started my new class!

The day started off as usual. I woke up, had my morning muesli, and headed off to school for my first class of the day which happen to be math. I was feeling good, but slightly nervous. What if they didn’t like me? What if they were mean? What if, what if, what if. I took a deep breathe, opened the door, and went into the classroom. I already knew the teacher so he said hi then proceeded to introduce me to the class. He told me to tell them all a little about myself and here is what I cam up with, “Hi my name is Hannah, I am an exchange student from America, and sorry but you guys are now stuck with me until June.” Not the best speech I have every given, but it made everyone laugh a little which was good. Then there was the awkward moment of okay, now what. Do I go sit down or…? Thankfully, everyone was so nice and a girl (whose name is also ironically Hannah) waved me right over to sit by her.

It was smooth sailing from there! We chatted all math class, then walked together to gym. Gym was super fun because we had a new teacher, so we just got to play games and hang around. I spent this time talking to the rest of the girls in my class. There are 13 girls and 19 guys. The girls were so nice! They made sure to include me and helped translate what people were saying. We talked about what life in America was like, hobbies we did, siblings we had. Many of the girls are really into horseback riding and even have their own horses which they said I am more then welcome to meet whenever I want.

Once gym ended it was time for lunch. We walked to a sandwich place, chatting the whole way. Switching classes was one of the best decisions I could have made. Not that I did not like my old class, they were all very nice. The thing was we just did not have much in common and it was hard for me to meet people because the class only had 5 people. Now in a bigger class with over 30 I am much more in my element.

Once we finished our lunches we all parted our separate ways because we were done for the day. Mondays I only have 2 classes and start at 9 and get out at 11. Rough life I have here – I know.

The weather today was nearly 50F! Needless to say I was dying in my heavy winter coat and boots, so I decided to continue my fabulous day and go on a little shopping spree. I got some new shoes, a super cute red top, some coconut butter moisturizer (which smells like heaven in a bottle), and a brand new spring coat!

I was feeling great, so great in fact that I think I lost my mind a little bit because when I got home I decided to do the unthinkable – another Power Step class. I am pleased to say that this time it went much better! I was (almost) able to keep up, stayed in rhythm (sort of), and by the end I was able to (somewhat) walk home normally without collapsing from exhaustion.

For dinner Bea made a Thai Stir fry that I devoured. Now I am currently beached on the couch. Today was super exhausting, in a good way though. Tomorrow I start school at 9:30 and for once am actually really looking forward to it! Also, do not forget to stay tuned for Cooking With Hannah Tuesday tomorrow – I am thinking salmon perhaps :).

Swedish Word of the Day: Jag vet inte – phrase “I don’t know” This is probably the most used phrase by the students in my school. That and ”Jag är hungrig” (I am hungry)

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