Swedes Come Out of Hibernation

Swedes Come Out of Hibernation

photo 121
photo 122
photo 123
A picture I took outside the fortress. Just look at all of the people outside!
Me at the outdoor Sauna.

The weather this weekend has been absolutely gorgeous! I just cannot bring myself to stay inside; hence the lack of blog posts.

Saturday I went to Mei Mei soccer like always, did a few errands, and meet up with some friends for lunch. After we ate we went for a walk along the ocean, climber some rocks, and most of all just relaxed and soaked up some much need sunshine. In the afternoon I went to the sauna again – this time I went to the outdoor one on the beach. It was so nice! Walking around in my towel and bar feet it truly felt like summer. After my sauna, the whole fam sat out on the balcony and enjoyed some fika while watching all of the people.

It is truly amazing how the weather can effect the Swedes mood. In the winter time everyone wears all black and basically goes into hibernation. When the sun comes out it is a completely different story. The side walks are filled with people! Laughing, smiling, talking, the happiness in the air is contagious and like nothing I have ever experienced. To end the lovely day we took a nice walk and watch the sunset go down again.

Today, was a little colder, but still beautiful weather. I have been relaxing and working on my presentation for tomorrow. We are going to grill out for dinner tonight, potatoes, broccoli, chicken, and cheese (for Bea and I – it is actually really good and called Halloumi).

Overall it was a great weekend. Tomorrow I present at the kids school. It will be a long day, but I am really excited and hope it goes well!

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