Swedish Sunset

Swedish Sunset
Swedish Sunsets - nothing better.

Swedish Sunsets – nothing better.


The weather today was absolutely stunning. No wind, the sun was shinning the whole day, and best of all no coat was needed! I started off my morning with gym and math. After math we had a long lunch break so after quick shoving some food in us my friends and I decided to go for a nice walk and do a little shopping. The whole town was alive with people, it did not even feel like spring anymore it was more like summer! Unfortunately, our lovely break eventually had to come to an end and we were forced back inside to watch a movie in Etik. However, on the bright side my last class of the day (English) was cancelled so I had the afternoon free! I went on a super long walk through the woods/along the sea. With my sunglasses on and bare arms soaking up some much needed sun – it was the perfect way to spend my afternoon. Eventually I got tired and decided it was time ot head home and go meet Mor Mor for “after work”. This is what Swedes do on Fridays to start their weekends. They meet their friends at the bars, get a drink, and enjoy a free buffet of yummy food! Now all the bars have their outdoor patios set up which makes it even better. Bea came once she got home from work and we all enjoy some great food and talked about our days. To end the day we all went down to the fortress to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen.

All in all it was a great Friday. Tonight we will watch another episode of “Welcome to Sweden” and tomorrow I plan to sauna!

Slightly obessed with taking pictures of my pretty breakfasts. Look at how good that home made granola looks though - recipe is posted on an older post if anyone wants to try and make some!
It does not get more Swedish than this. Flowy top, light jeans, and white converse. The only thing I am missing is a Michael Kors bag!
photo 112
photo 114
My yummy lunch I got today. This is actually from the pizza place, but one can only have so much pizza before they go insane and I prefer to hopefully be able to still fit in my jeans when I come home, so thankfully I made friends with the workers and they now make me these super good healthy salads instead.
From my walk in the forest, you can see all the buds are starting to form.
photo 117
All of the restaurants are putting out patios like this now for people to eat in.
This is the ferry that goes from Varberg across the water to Denmark. I see it every morning and night from my kitchen window.

As always just click on the photos to read their captions!


Swedish Word of the Day: “solnedgång” – Sunset. Quite literally it means “sun goes down”

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