Typical Tuesday

Typical Tuesday

Not much exciting is happening this week so I though I would share with you guys what a typical day of the week looks like for me.

7 – Wake Up. Depending on when my classes are this can vary, for example on Wednesday I do not start school until 10, so I can sleep in.

7:30 – Breakfast. In Sweden a very typical breakfast would look like butter, cheese, and hard bread which is what my host family eats. Luckily they do not mind me having yogurt instead. My host family normally eats around 6:45 as a family at the table; however, I eat later than them because I like to get dressed before I eat. Then at 7:30 everyone is out the door to head out for school and work. Except me that is, my commute is about 5 minutes so I then get the house to myself for a half hour.

8 – School Starts. There are no bells or anything at school because everyone has such different schedules so we are just expected to be in our rooms when the class is suppose to start. Normally I only have 1 or 2 classes in the morning, but on Tuesday I have 3 :( .

12:30 – Lunch. My classmates and I then decide what restaurant we want to eat at and go have a nice lunch. We are lucky they are all within 10 minute walking distance and it feels good to get some fresh air.

13:30 – Finish Up Classes. After lunch we then drag ourselves back to school for our final lessons of the day. Mine happens to be Psychiatry on Tuesdays.

15:00 Freedom! Schools out for the day and I head on home to change and head over to the gym for an hour.

17:00 – Emails/Cook After the gym I come home check my emails, do a little homework if I have any, and then every Tuesday I help and cook the family dinner. Tonight I am making Cod with vegetables an rice. Normally Bea does the cooking because she truly is the chef of the family, but it is nice to have the day off every once in a while and I am more than eager to show them some traditional American food.

18:00 – Dinner Time. By now the family is home and every night we sit down, eat, and talk about our day. This is also the time when we really try and work on my Swedish (which is slowly improving!).

19:30 – News. Every night we watch the news for a half hour before bed. While I must admit it can be mycket långtråkigt (very boring) because not much really happens here in Sweden, I find that it really helps my Swedish.

20:00 – Bedtime. Most days by 8 pm I am in bed. I know that is really early for mist teenagers, but by the end of the day I am so worn out mentally that the second my head hits the pillow I fall asleep.

So that is my typical day in Sweden, not very exciting, but this weekend I am going to Götenberg, a major city that north of Varberg. I will be sure to take lots of pictures!


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  1. pat says:

    How old are you and how long have you been living in Sweden?

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