Vacation From My Vacation

Vacation From My Vacation

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Slippers that came with the cabin
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Beautiful view from out Cabin
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I’m back! After 5 glorious days of vacation from my semester long vacation, it feels good to be back in Varberg – in one piece too much to my parents relief.

The weather was suburb, just about 0C and sunny. We stayed in a cute little red cabin up on a mountain about 5km from the ski resort which was called “Ski Sunne”. I normally snowboard, but decided to give skiing a try this time around. I had a lot of fun and thankfully no bad falls. All in all I would say it was a huge success.

Each day we woke up around 8 and had breakfast. Which consisited of porridge, hard bread and cheese, and lots of coffee. Then it was off to the ski hill! We skied for a few hours then all meet at the bottom of the hill to grill up some hotdogs (Me and Bea had veggie dogs which were still very tasty). They had 3 very nice fire pits surrounded by picnic tables for all the hungry skiers to use. Literally everyone had korv och bröd (Hotdogs) it is the typical food to eat for lunch when skiing here in Sweden. After quickly devouring lunch, it was off for a few more hours of skiing. By 4 everyone was thoroughly exhausted, so we all piled in the car and headed back to the cabin for some much needed relaxation.

Once back at the cabin we would have a snack and then throw in a movie – too tired to do anything else. The movies we watched while up there were: Maria Antoinette, Challenging, Flickan som Lekte med Elden (Girl Who Played with Fire), and Anastasia. The cabin not only had 4 TVs, but also came with about 60 movies and 5 board games. Needless to say we had no problem entertaining ourselves while up there.

Dinner was probably one of my favorites parts of the day. Not only because I was usually so hungry by 630 I felt like I could eat the entire kitchen, but also because of Beas phenomenal cooking. For dinner we feasted on Lentil Stew, Broccoli Quiche, and Spaghetti Bolognese (meat free). Unfortunately, I only got to take a picture of the broccoli Quiche because we all devoured everything so fast.

Tomorrow I am off of school, so I plan on sleeping and relaxing the whole day. It is crazy how exhausted (and sore) you can get after a couple of days of skiing.

Monday I start with my new class, hopefully it goes well!

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