Varbergs Annual “Päskdopp”

Varbergs Annual “Päskdopp”

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Similar to the “Polar Plunge” that we have in Wisconsin, here in Varberg there also is a crazy tradition  of running into freezing waters once a year on Holy Thursday called “Påskdopp” or in English “Easter dip”.

So today was the big day that this event would go down and naturally I had to go down and watch these crazy people. Maybe if the weather had been a little nicer (at least 70) then I would have considered participating; however, today it was 40 and the wind was out of control so there was not a chance I would be even going near the water.  Still over a 100 people decided to brave it and make the plunge.

Here is a video clip of the whole event. You can hear just how windy it was!




Bea and the kids have been down in Mälmo the past 2 days visiting a friend which means Lucy and I (and Mats) have been running the household. It has been a nice and relaxing two days, I tried a new class at the gym called “piloxing” which is a cross between boxing and Pilates, went on some nice walks with Lucy, did a little shopping, and had a fun time making my own dinner and lunches (get excited for Tuesday because I have a great new recipe for you all!). While it has been nice having the house to myself, I look forward to the kiddos return tomorrow. They should come home around lunch time and then we will go out to dinner at a Cuban restaurant to celebrate Mei Meis birthday with the fam.

Hope everyone is having a good break!


Swedish Word of the Day: “koppla” – relax/unwind

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