Why So Expensive!?

Why So Expensive!?

As an exchange student, you are force to pay for everything even just the basic everyday items and it really has been an eye opening experience for me. At home if I needed toothpaste, contact solution, deodorant, etc my parents would paid for it all I had to do was through it in the cart. Now living on my own I am forced to buy these necessities for my self which has made me quite the frugal person because everything in Sweden is SO expensive!

Now instead of dumping the shampoo and conditioner on, I have taken to using the smallest amount in order to make it last. I am super careful to only use as much mostierizor as needed, and make it my mission to not loose bobbi pins so I can re-use them.

Here are a few examples of price comparisons between Sweden and America for some common necessities.

Contact Solution –

ReNu Fresh Multi-Purpose Contact Lens Solution 
  America – $5.29

Sweden – $10.27
Pen –
 America – $1.25
Sweden  – $5.12
Makeup Remover:

America – $6.99

Sweden – $12.05


These are just a few examples, but I mean look how crazy that is! Most things are double, if not more the price. Shampoo, deodorant, Q-tips, etc are all also crazy expensive here. Not only the basics, but items such as clothing, food, and other non essentials I find to be more expensive here in general as well.

Sweden beats America at many things, but America definitely has the whole “poor quality, but so cheap you buy it anyway and most of the time it works” thing on lockdown. I seriously am missing good ol Target right about now. Oh well, only 58 days left!


Swedish Word of the Day: “billig” – cheap

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