A Win for Brazil to Welcome Me Into the Country

A Win for Brazil to Welcome Me Into the Country

July 3rd, 2014: 

Manaus, Amazonias in Brazil. My host, Rylara, welcomes me upon my arrival into the country for my teach in a homestay program with a bright smile and welcoming aura about her. She shows me around for a little bit and as I look, I start to take notice of how similar Brazil is to Panama (where I’m from). The city of Manaus begins to unveil itself from the vast array of trees as we drive further away from the airport. From the humidity to the streets and buildings, I start to feel right at home!

July 4th, 2014:

Thought for the day: “In order to see where we are going, we not only must remember where we have been, but we must understand where we have been.”

I can say I’ve officially been inaugurated here. This morning, I counted about 20 mosquito bites! Waking up in the middle of the night, I realized I had been bitten; guess I left my arm out of the covers at some point. I woke up very late (noon) due to the sleep I experienced.

After lunch, I went to Ryane’s apartment (Rylara’s sister) with her family to watch Brazil v. Colombia. It was exciting! We were all yelling excitedly. The cheers and noisemakers filled the air outside when we scored. Actually, I got my fireworks for Fourth of July! They went off three different times: twice during the game when we scored, and once after when we had won the game! Brazil advances and will be playing Germany! It’s on.


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