Finally A Recap Of The Louvre

Finally A Recap Of The Louvre

My post about The Louvre is finally here. It seems like it has taken forever, but I am back in Bordeaux after four days in Paris and ready to tell you everything!

Before setting foot into the Louvre I wrote down what I had to see. My top 3 places I had to see was the Greek, Etruscan, and Roman room, the Egyptian Antiquities, and the sculptures. I was lucky that I was able to see my top 3 and more! We took the metro into the heart of Paris then walked. Before going in I took a few pictures outside.

Yes, it was raining but that did not stop me.

I’ve said it before but I love the architecture! It’s beautiful!

As I expected there were tons of people. I didn’t buy my ticket in advance so my french family guide showed me a quicker way to get a ticket. (Those looking to skip really long lines and bad weather this is for you) There are shops under the Louvre grounds and you can purchase tickets there. The line is usually way shorter and you don’t have to wait outside. The tickets are fairly priced at 12 Euros if you are between 18-26 years old. For 12 Euros everything is open except for special exhibitions I believe. The ticket covered everything I wanted to see, so yeah!

The inside of the Louvre is big. It’s also filled with a lot of people.

Many, many people. This post is getting long so I will start another including every piece of art I saw! I took a lot of pictures.

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