Macaron, Macaron, Macaron

Macaron, Macaron, Macaron

I still have yet to post anything about my time at The Louvre Saturday, and I will post about it! This post is about macarons! I finally tasted one and they are delicious! So good! I walked the Champs Élysées and tasted the best of macarons! The best macarons come from Laduree Paris. A beautiful place where you can sit down or if you’re in a hurry, get your macarons to go. Don’t worry, I took a picture of Laduree.

Above is the to go entrance and to the right is another entrance if you want to sit down. There were a lot of people. It was a little after three o’clock when we got there and four o’clock by the time I paid for my macarons. It was worth it! If you don’t believe me take a look for yourself!

Aren’t they beautiful? I almost don’t want to eat them…almost. You guys know I love food way too much. They even came wrapped in a beautiful box and a great bag!

I got to choose which box I wanted the macarons to go in. I chose this purple one. The bag is really nice.

In every box comes a piece of paper that lists the different flavors and a eat by date. I wanted to bring some back, but the paper says to eat within 3 days. Sorry guys.

It’s true. I was not lying when I said they have a consumed by date. I have to eat all of them asap! I also got these really yummy biscuit/jam/chocolate cookies. It’s a soft cake with strawberry jam on top and covered with chocolate! Yummy!

I wanted to buy everything today! All the food!

Before walking the Champs Elysées, we went to grand magasin. Basically a really big mall. There were 7 floors of designer brands and all of it was womens!  The entire building was just for women! It was heaven! One floor was dedicated to shoes. Just shoes! Today I touched a Jimmy choo! It was amazing! I wanted to buy a pair of nude studded Jimmy Choo’s,but had to walk away because school is more important.

Another floor consisted entirely of makeup and two floors were clothes. I did take a picture of the beautiful ceiling.

Everything is beautiful in Paris. The architecture of Paris is like no other. After the shopping and macarons I walked the streets by myself as my guide was tired. I saw the Arc de Triomphe and took a few pictures.

We’re waiting for the light. Below is a picture withe the Arc de Triomphe at my back.

I browsed through a few stores and enjoyed the Paris atmosphere. It wasn’t long before hunger drove me away.

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