Le Teatro Greco & Help in Unlikely Places

Le Teatro Greco & Help in Unlikely Places

After our morning ritual coffee (il cafe) with Stefania and her friends (I am the only one who needs to drink the espresso with milk) I headed to le Teatro Greco- the largest amphitheater in Greek history located right in Siracusa.

I am not really one for museums, more of a huh.. that’s a cool painting, now where’s the pizza? But this amphitheater was truly stunning- definitely a site all should see when in Sicily during my language homestay in Italy.

I didn’t have Euros when I was dropped off and I was scared that there wasn’t a bank nearby. An old man who worked for the theater showed me where the bank was I was extremely cautious about this because I felt like at any point he could try to steal from me- but he was also extremely old, so I figured even if he tried I could take him out. (I’m already planning on beating up an old guy in Italia and it is only Day 3!)

He ended up working the lights for the play that happens each year at the Teatro Grecco and he eventually ended up helping me shoot some stuff for my videos for Greenheart Travel and telling me way more about the Teatro than I would have ever known. I tried to take out my tripod and he said NO! Not allowed! And realized, there was no way I would have been able to shoot anything without him.

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