Tutoring Twins in English

Tutoring Twins in English

I have officially been in Spain for six days now teaching in a homestay, and as I sit here and write my first entry I hear the boys giggling and random thumps of their movements above me. Little rascals they are indeed!

Their names are Pablo and Daniel, they are nine year old twin Spanish boys, and full of nothing but energy and interest.

I’m living in Altea, Alicante, Spain right on the Mediterranean coast. If I wake up at exactly 8 o’clock I’m lucky enough to view the bright orange and yellow colors reflecting off of the ocean from my window. It’s pretty incredible and I think I’m still in shock I am already here. The house sits amongst the few other ones that are on the coastal edge, with a constant breeze from the ocean. I look out to a yacht port on the left and the rest of the vast ocean as far as I can see it go. Pools of different sizes and shapes in the backyards are amongst every house- including the one I’m in, however with winter coming, hers is emptied for the time being. A very luxurious Spanish house I am lucky to live in.

After only being with the boys for 6 days I have already grown a loving attachment to them. I help them with homework everyday after school, and am pretty much their partners in any games they want me to partake in, which is every one of them, ha ha.

They speak English very well, but I tutor them with their reading and writing. I was nervous at first because I have never been any kind of teacher. Now, I am finding it fun and rewarding to read and write with them, nothing scary at all.

The boys are fraternal twins (which I’m very grateful to not have to worry about confusing anybody). I’m already learning their personalities by the day. Daniel is the smaller twin with freckles that lay across his little nose and hazel eyes. He bounces off the walls, and is constantly making entertainment for himself. He’s hard to keep your eyes on because in a second he has dashed away, but he is determined and unafraid. You can never worry of losing track of him because he will always find his way to you. Today he proudly played me a happy birthday song on his wooden flute from school.

Pablo is the taller twin with matching eyes to his brother and without freckles. He is extremely calm in comparison and will mind much more easily than his brother. At first he is extremely shy but once he gets comfortable he is the one who will stick next to your side sweetly and intently.

They have already began saying how they don’t want me to ever leave, which melts my heart.

That’s a long enough write for now!

To be continued…


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