3 Tips for Traveling Solo

Kayla traveling solo in Argentina

Greenheart Travel’s ambassador, Kayla Cluff, is no stranger to traveling abroad, and she feels it’s important to experience a place that moves beyond just checking off boxes of sites that have been seen.

“Immersion travel is an opportunity to learn, not only about new languages, food, music, history, but also about the day to day lives of people that live in that city or country. When I travel my goal is to feel like a local, to imagine myself waking up in that city and living my life, not to just be a visitor looking in from the outside.”

Kayla shares three tips for anyone traveling alone on their next trip abroad, and encourages everyone to connect with the local community as much as possible.

1. Create a fun habit

 Whenever possible I tried to eat at places that had fewer than 15 tables. They provided a unique opportunity to talk to my waiter or sometimes even the restaurant owner. Creating a little habit for myself made me step out of my comfort zone and go searching instead of settling.

2. Ask around

 Locals know their stuff. If you need a recommendation for a cool place to eat or something you’ve got to see, ask around. Host family members, local hostel workers, waiters at restaurants, and local university students are all excellent resources for information you won’t find in any guidebook.

3. Check online for interactive public transport help

My head started spinning the first time I ever looked at a metro bus map. Instead, I found an online version that let me enter my start and end destination and it provided multiple route options. When in doubt, Google it.


What tips would you add to this list? Comment below!

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