Embracing the Adventure of a New Chapter in Life

Embracing the Adventure of a New Chapter in Life

“I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”   – Robert Frost 

Even for those of us not embracing the new beginnings of high school or college, there is a sense of nostalgia during this time of year. It’s also a wonderful time to be reminded of a few bits of advice to help us to always move toward our full potential, no matter where we find ourselves in life.

1. We Always Have a Choice

These choices might seem limited at times, but never, ever forget that we always have the ability to choose to live a life that brings us fulfillment. The road isn’t always easy or clearly visible, but once we stop being intentional about our education, our career, and our life’s passions, we can be sure that someone else will swoop in to impose their choices upon us. We must empower ourselves and remember there truly is magic is being able to say “yes” or “no” when it comes from the heart.

2. Traveling is an Essential Part of Our Life Education

No other time in our life will we have this much “flexibility” to explore. This doesn’t mean that it’s unthinkable to take a career gap 10 years from now, but if we are traveling with a purpose, and learning about who we are and what we want to become, we will only increase our chances of getting into that school or landing that perfect job. Traveling doesn’t have to be a choice between being a wandering backpacker and having a successful career . Exploring new countries and cultures can be a WAY of life, and one that is becoming more necessary. Become a global leader and learn more about the world in that three months of traveling abroad than any college course could offer.

3. Don’t Fear Mistakes

Being afraid of making the wrong decision is like constantly playing defense during a basketball game. Go on the offensive, choose to teach English abroad for a year to gain incredible career experience, take a few weeks to learn French and show off that sense of initiative in a job interview, visit new places and boost that creativity. Yes, we might occasionally find ourselves frustrated with living in the unknown, but when we begin a cycle of never wanting to make a mistake, we start limiting ourselves. Don’t fear life, embrace it.

We are leaders, change-makers and global citizens, and we should never underestimate the positive ripple effect we can create by expanding our world view and following our dreams.

What adventures are you ready to put into action? Share them below.

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