Follow Your Travel Dreams by Changing This One Word

Follow Your Travel Dreams by Changing This One Word

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go? This is the question I would ask myself while writing answers in pages of journals scribbled in different colored ink. It took me a long time to realize that this unassuming word “if” held a weight that was influencing my entire future. Such a small word, an exhale really, was deciding that I couldn’t possibly go on these grand adventures, they were “ifs.”

IF means I would never be able to afford to see, smell and touch places featured in the travel magazines I devoured each month. These destinations were already out of my reach because I had already decided subconsciously that they were unattainable goals.

If I could go anywhere in the world was strictly a hypothetical question. I had bills to pay, college classes to complete, a career and internship to consider, and the excuses went on and on and on.

Until I decided to change that little word “IF” to WHEN and then eventually I WILL.

Try it out.

Doesn’t it feel amazingly satisfying to say “I WILL travel and explore. I WILL quit my 9-5 and see the world. I WILL make an impact by following my dreams.”

Do you see? You have just set the scheme in motion.  You have changed your mindset to take control of your future. After all, if you truly want something, if you are passionate about exploring and experiencing a new country and culture, you will do what it takes to get there. The most difficult part of this journey is believing that you will commit.

Right now – not tomorrow or next month – we need to stop making excuses for why we’re not pursuing what we love, whether that is traveling, going back to school, learning a new language, whatever makes your heart sing.

When you empower yourself to follow your dreams, you are inspiring and empowering others to do the same, and your adventure starts once you believe it will. This is your chance to join a community of globetrotters that will change the world for the better. Be a part of this movement of understanding and tolerance and go someplace you have never been.

Where will you find yourself in the year ahead? Tell us below!


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