6 Things Aria Has Noticed Since Arriving in Berlin


I made it to Germany! It was a bit scary the first week of my summer language camp, but I settled in and here are some of the first things I noticed about Berlin.

The public transport system is way better than anything in Alaska. In Alaska you are lucky to find one bus per town.

Ice cream servings are smaller. Normally in Alaska if I want ice cream I need to get the kid size or I’ll end up with a scoop of ice cream the size of my head. In Berlin, I can find ice cream everywhere and it’s in nice small servings.

People tend to dress nicer. I rarely ever see people in sweat pants or with messy hair.


There are trees everywhere. When I flew in the first thing I noticed was that the entire city had trees in every spot you could fit a tree. It gives the city a magical feeling to it. I wish more cities were like this.

The  buildings are beautiful. Berlin has hundreds of years of culture and it shows in the building. Everything in Alaska is relatively new and there is little culture in the cities compared to Berlin.

Chocolate is better and cheaper. You can find a high quality bar of chocolate in any little mini market for a reasonable price.


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