Start Planning Ahead for a Summer in Italy with these Festivals

Start Planning Ahead for a Summer in Italy with these Festivals

You’ll be able to put your Italian to good use when you arrive for your Greenheart Travel language homestay or language school program in Florence in early summer.

June – September – Verona Opera Festival

  • Soak in the incredible energy of electrifying performances at the Arena di Verona during the Verona Opera Festival. What could be better than enjoying the arts in a 2,000 year old Roman amphitheater?  

June-July – Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto (Festival dei Due Mondi)

  • Get a taste of dance, film, ballet and theater during this summer festival in the early months of summer.

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Throughout June – Giostra della Quintana

  • The Joust of the Quintana is an event that occurs annually in the city of Foligno. Dating back to the seventeenth century, these horse races and jousting competitions were originally held to determine a knight’s loyalty to his prince or his lady.

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July  – Palio in Siena*

  • Experience this epic traditional Italian horse race dating back hundreds of centuries during this festival.

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July  – Feast of the Redeemer in Venice (Il Redentore)

  • Each year, Italians celebrate the end of the plague that threatened to destroy the city of Venice with religious ceremony, boat races and spectacular fireworks. 

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