Experiencing the Garlic Festival in Zamora

Experiencing the Garlic Festival in Zamora


Treats in Zamora

After arriving in Zamora, we sat down at a nearby café and enjoyed their mouth-watering treats. Now that’s what I call starting the day off right!

Garlic festival

Every year, Zamora has an annual garlic festival in honor of San Pedro. In the photo, you can see the enormity of the piles of garlic that were stacked. Hundreds of people were constantly passing through, admiring and buying garlic from the different stands. According to foodsfromspain.org, “Hundreds of producers from all over the province gather to exhibit and sell the Zamora garlic, displaying their best strings, which are all then assembled by the judges for a competition. Up to a million kilos* of garlic can be sold at this event, which has been running for over a century.” The garlic stands in tall stacks as people pass by.
*One million kilos= around 2 million pounds

musicians in spain

In celebration of San Pedro, the city of Zamora also held a parade, featuring various traditional music groups.

Musicians in Spain

A musician takes a break from the festivities in Zamora.

Costumes of historical figures

A man helps in removing the costume from another person. The costumes were of various important figures in history, such as the ones standing in the background of the photo.

Castillo de Zamora

Inside of the “Castillo de Zamora”, the “Castle of Zamora”. Like many of the castles in Spain, it embodies a Romanesque structure and Pre-Romans foundation.

view from the top

The view from on top of the castle!

castle in Zamora

Another view from the castle.

Ariela in the castle

Standing on top of the castle, with the view of Zamora’s churches and cathedrals in the background.

bridge at the river Duero

The medieval bridge over the river Duero.

magazine in Spain

My read for the bus ride home: InStyle in Spanish. It turned out to be great practice for my reading in Spanish!


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