Meet Our Newest Greenheart Travel Correspondent!

Meet Our Newest Greenheart Travel Correspondent!

video by Ariela Martin, Greenheart Travel Language School Student in Salamanca, Spain

Meet Ariela, our featured Greenheart Travel Correspondent Scholarship winner. Ariela will be heading to Salamanca, Spain to study Spanish for the next three weeks and will be giving our travel community an inside look into her travel experience. Check back weekly for updates, photos and videos from her adventure in Salamanca!


One thought on "Meet Our Newest Greenheart Travel Correspondent!"

  1. Joaquin Fuentes says:

    Bienvenida to Spain Ariela! You will see one of the four oldests universities in Europe (Bolonia, Oxford, Sorbonne and Salamanca). In fact Salamanca was the first educational institution granted a “university” label im the world (by the Pope in 1257). That is about 500 years before Yale was founded! Your family loves traditions and I am sure that you will be amazed by Salamanca. It is the kind of University we all would have wished we had gone! Enjoy traditions, enjoy people and enjoy this opportunity! We need young people sharing their discoveries! Personal and global enrichment… That is your destiny in Salamanca. That is our destiny in the world. A warm hug! Joaquin

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