Watching the World Cup in Salamanca

Watching the World Cup in Salamanca

Buenos días! The most popular city wide social event that has been happening this week in Salamanca during my language camp, is watching the World Cup games in La Plaza Mayor. Every restaurant has large TV’s set up in view of the outdoor seating to entice people to eat and drink and watch the games at their restaurants. Because it is a university town, there are many people studying in and visiting Salamanca, all different nationalities and all enjoying the outdoor Plaza scene and enthusiastically rooting for different teams!

People are such big fans that they wear jerseys, drape flags on their shoulders, paint their faces and adorn themselves with other representations of their “favorite” country – or team -playing. Much cheering and yelling — and sometimes even crying – can be seen and heard about the Plaza and main streets. It is all very emotional. When Brazil lost yesterday by 6 goals, half of the town was depressed – but the other half was ecstatic. Because people are so proud of where they come from and their “teams,” watching the World Cup in Salamanca has been interesting, exciting and great entertainment!

Salamanca is a culturally diverse city with many international schools. It’s common to find in a classroom of six people that five of them are from different countries. I have learned about life in Spain, life all over the world and that our interest in soccer (or football to every non-American) and the World Cup is one game we all have in common.


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