Fun Atmosphere, Good Wi-Fi and Great Coffee in Yangon

Fun Atmosphere, Good Wi-Fi and Great Coffee in Yangon
Black Canyon hot coffee at Black Canyon Coffee in Yangon, Myanmar.

I knew it’d be hard to find places with reliable, somewhat fast Internet connection in Myanmar; however, I didn’t realize it would be as difficult as it’s been. Part of the reason I came to Myanmar was to disconnect for a while, but I wasn’t able to properly prepare myself for disconnection before coming. This means I’m in constant search of Internet access in Yangon.

And don’t even get me started on how much instant coffee I’ve had since arriving. Add a spoonful or two of sugar consumed with every packet of fake coffee as well. I’m on my way to getting Diabetes, fast.
Black Canyon Coffee in front of Yangon International Hotel, at the corner of Ahlone Road and Pyay Road in Dagon Township, is the place I’ve been looking for. No longer do I need to feel uncomfortable in some lobby of a luxury hotel, or travel across the city to use Wi-Fi at a friend’s house.
Chicken Green Curry at Black Canyon Coffee in Yangon, Myanmar.
Chicken Green Curry at Black Canyon Coffee in Yangon, Myanmar.
If you’re against corporate chains, this place isn’t for you. Black Canyon is part of regional chain of cafés based in Thailand. The upside of a well established business; however, is there’s usually some consistency in regards to quality and taste. Black Canyon has an extensive menu with plenty of Thai fusion options, as well as a large variety of coffee drinks, teas, smoothies, and even beer, wine, and cocktails.
Get the “Black Canyon” hot coffee. It’s the best java I’ve had in Yangon (so far). This creamy, strong cup of drip will surely hit the spot if you’re looking for caffeine to go with an afternoon of surfing the web. I’ve tried the Green Curry Stir-Fried Rice with Chicken, and Chicken Green Curry. Definitely get the green curry if you’re in the mood for some semi-authentic Thai food in Myanmar.
Something wonderful about Myanmar’s culture is the popularity of teashops where locals love to gaff, drink tea, and spend an evening together. But, sometimes, all you need is good, unsweetened coffee, and decent Internet connection. Is that too much to ask for?
I also appreciate how many different types of fresh, locally grown and roasted coffee is available in most supermarkets in Yangon. I make a lot of coffee at home, which is definitely cheaper than going to cafés; however, at this time I don’t have Internet at my apartment.
Even though wireless connection at Black Canyon Coffee in Yangon isn’t the greatest, it’s still good enough to do most online tasks. I had difficulty with Skype, and I imagine loading a large image or video would take forever.
Apart from getting a few of mosquito bites, and finding a lost kitten behind my chair, I really enjoyed my time. The ambiance was relaxed, trendy, and the service was fantastic. A fun atmosphere, good Wi-Fi, and great coffee in one place are hard to come by in Yangon, Myanmar. Spend an afternoon in Black Canyon Coffee and experience it for yourself. See you there!

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