Adventures at O World

Adventures at O World

Sorry I haven’t blogged recently. I didn’t realize it before I started blogging, but it takes up more time than I thought it would. And I wonder if anybody really reads my blog. Have I mentioned that I LOVE comments? Hint hint…

Anyway….a couple of weeks ago, we had a holiday on a Thursday. Korean teachers had to go to school, but the guest English teachers didn’t have to go. So….a couple of friends and I decided to go to O World amusement park here in Daejeon. O World has 3 main parts: amusement park, zoo, and flower world. We went to all three.

On my way to the subway to meet the girls (before our bus ride), I was waiting at a stop light and saw this little girl. She waved and posed for me. How precious!

Finally got to O World….along with the rest of Daejeon. There were SO many families with young children!

Waiting for tickets.

At the entrance


We headed right for the roller coaster.  The line was so short (there were so many kids) that we rode it twice.

Check. Out. His. Uniform.

 Is that fun or what?

Riding the big ship. Now let me just say that I LOVE riding rides. The faster, the better. Rides never make me sick. That is…until Korea.

At Lotte World, we rode the Drunken Baskets (the tea cups ride), and I felt so sick afterwards. I wasn’t the only one.

We sat at the top of the ship, and about halfway through the ride, I started to feel sick. Seriously? Yup. Seriously. I felt so nauseous.

So nauseous that I couldn’t ride the next ride. So I was the designated photographer which was fine with me.

Every time they came around, they had a different facial expression.

Bad ship. Bad, bad ship.

 Can I take her home? Please? I will absolutely positively adopt a little Asian girl. I know this.

Walking through the area with the statues.

The picnic area.

Check her out! Love her outfit!

I had to get in a couple of jumping pics.

Oh no! Where did Saree go?

Now in the zoo part of O World. Meet Mr. Polar Bear.

This zoo was in par with other Asian zoos. They have no regulations in zoos here. This one reminded me of the zoo in Vietnam. Most of the animals and their habitats just made me extremely sad. My heart ached for these animals. Some of the habitats were awful. You will see some of them.

This is through glass. I had to “work” for this picture.

I got a new boyfriend at O World….a baboon. He was very attracted to me. He showed off for me and put his hand up with mine. I should mention that he is a baboon. I was crouched down to his level with my hand up on the glass. He would run around his area and then come up and put his hand right on mine. And do it again and again. We ended up attracting a small crowd. He was a character!

This is one of those habitats that almost made me cry. The tiger’s area.

Korea has the coolest strollers! They are a pretty penny though.

I’ll take her home too. Korean children are taught at a very early age how to pose for the camera. Can you tell?

Families are everywhere having picnics. I started taking their picture, and they posed for me.

The petting zoo.

You could buy vegetables and feed the animals.

One of the bird cages. You can see that it’s not that big.

Lunch…or as Koreans say “lunchee”

The eagle’s cage. Do you see how small it is? Made me so sad.

Someone is molting.

They loved each other and were playing with each other.

You could buy food for the animals and feed them. This animal sure knew what he was doing!

Look how the three of them are all laying the same! And there is one that is not like the others…

The hyenas cage. It’s a bad picture with the glass, but their enclosure was so small. And you know the only thing I thought of were the hyenas in The Lion King. Remember them?

The jaguar. There were cages up above where they could walk over us. This one seemed to love it!

“What you looking at, Willis?”

Flower Land. We just missed all the tulips. However, it was still really pretty.

Do you see her pantyhose and high heels? At O World?

Here’s another one. Tiny little dress. Pantyhose. High heels. Must be on a date. Ahhhhh….

Alicia staring off in the distance

Saree showing off her duck lips

Back to the amusement park to ride the roller coaster again.

Check out the Texas Rangers shirts!

OK. OK. I know I took a picture of this guy’s buttocks. But….check out his heart keychain and the fact that he’s carrying his girlfriend’s purse. That’s what they do here in Korea. Carry their girlfriend’s purse. Ahhh….

On the bus back to the subway….

We stopped off at Eunhaengdong for shopping and found these lovely gems. Whitening point pads. In Korea, white skin is revered. So people wear face masks and long sleeves, carry umbrellas to block the sun, and wear white make-up.  So do not get a tan here!

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