Am I Nuts?!? No… Just Lovestruck with Traveling

Am I Nuts?!? No… Just Lovestruck with Traveling

This is all really happening.  It’s finally starting to sink in.  I set my resignation date at work months ago in preparation.  And today was my last day.  Now there’s no turning back.  I’M MOVING TO SOUTH KOREA TO TEACH ENGLISH!!!

I’m kind of starting to freak out a little bit, with short spells of hyperventilation sprinkled in throughout my day whenever I think about what I’ve chosen to do.  I know as soon as the plane takes off, I’m seriously going to question my sanity, because this decision is starting to seem crazy!

But what would be crazier than moving halfway around the world? NOT moving halfway around the world.  I’ve wanted to travel the world for forever.  And I’m FINALLY doing it!!  I’m in a perfect place in my life that, both, allows and requires me to step outside of my comfort zone and actually pursue this dream of travel.

I will be leaving Chicago in less than 2 weeks to board my first plane overseas!!

I have to keep pinching myself, because I MUST be dreaming.

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