Busan or bust!

Busan or bust!

Second long weekend in Korea my peeps and I made our way to Busan to celebrate our friend Ashley’s birthday. Busan, like Seoul is a very popular tourist location. From Daegu, on the KTX it’s only about a 45 min train ride. I took the train into Daegu from my city and meet my friend at the train station so that we could go together. There was three of us that still had school that day even thought most schools had it off, our luck right?

DAY 1: We make our way to Busan in no time and then on to the subway to our guest house. Our guest house was BEYOND amazing. I really liked it. It was comfortable for the 6 of us to stay. The host of the guesthouse was super adorable too. We were talking when we booked the place that the picture posted online must look like the real thing or we want our money back. We even demanded that there would be toast because the website had pictures of toast. AND there was!! Let me tell it was the best freaking tasting toast at 2am that anyone could eat. Right across from out guesthouse was makgeolli (Korean rice wine) bar that we decided to have dinner at. My first makgeolli experience, not bad haha I don’t think that much anyways. After a delicious meal there was no surprise that we found ourselves at a noraebang. But hey we ALWAYS have a good time. Next thing you no it it’s 4am and we’re in bed chatting, but the second the lights go off everyone is knocked out. We sleep until maybe 11 only to be up and do it all over again.

DAY 2: UP kinda bright and early, well not really lol. First stop Haeundae beach. We didn’t really stay for long we weren’t beach attire ready. We ended up just getting lunch at a chicken place across the beach with an amazing view Haeundae over looking it from above.  We hopped on the subway and made our way to Jagalchi fish market. We did a LOT of walking. I got a chance to take a lot of nice pictures of the market. Once it again the market reminded me of being at a market in Thailand. Maybe I’m just nostalgic or longing for something familiar these days. We decided that we were done with the market and was just gonna call it a day so we headed to the subway station to make our journey back to our guest house. We ended up going back and forth between the two sides of the subway trying to make up our minds or trying to figure out if we were going in the right directions. Only if we could see what we looked like on the CCTV  we must had looked like such idiots going back and forth for a good 45 min-ish. So we somehow made our way to another market where it said was was an antique market but really was just another traditional market.  Then made our way back to the fish market to eat some mouth water fresh food. It was to die for no lie. Food coma. We made it back to our guest house where we had some time for some R&R and ended up playing jenga that Ash had brought along with her. In the end we decided to go to Gwangalli bridge which we were told is pretty amazing at night. Fireworks, drinks and picture taking on the beach at night seems like a normal tradition for my group of friends now, cause that’s exactly what we did. After we ended up at bar where we continued with the birthday drinks for Ashley and a good night.

DAY 3: We make our way back again to Haeundae beach for  a kind proper beach day. They had a sand castle festival thing that weekend so we check out some pretty cool sculptures. Really it was just a chill day to be at the beach. But bonus points for  finally being about to try sannakji (산낙지) which is live octopus. LOVED IT.  We headed back to Daegu after that. Once we got to the train station I had to wait maybe another 45 mins to wait for the train to go in Waegwan with a dying phone. Finally got back and t’was my first experience in Busan.

so much more next time.


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