Costco = the closest thing to home in Korea

Costco = the closest thing to home in Korea

Julie and I went for a Costco run last week.  Costco is absolutely marvelous.

Of course we had dinner there because it IS the best pizza in Korea.

I saw a couch and HAD to test it out.  The last couch I sat on was my own back in August.  In my apartment, I sit on my couch aka second bed….which by the way, is as hard as a rock.  It is a Korean mattress after all.  They are NOT known for their softness that’s for sure.  I could have sat here for hours.  Literally.  Btw….I’m not sure what was up about the color of the picture.

Hello Mr Nutcracker!

Anyone want some corn silk tea?  Anyone?  It tastes like tea but with a funky not-so-good taste.  I much prefer Lipton.

El Paso!

Never have Julie and I been so happy to see Pace picante sauce.  At home, we would have been whatever.  But in Korea?  Hand it over.  Now.

Oh come to mama, you yummy apple pie!

Oh. My. Gosh. These cinnamon rolls looked SO good.

Cheesecake?  Yes, please.

Walnut pie instead of pecan pie.  It’ll do.

This, however, will NOT do.  Why do they all look like they’re still alive and have this weird expression on their face?

This pup was hanging outside the Costco with a tag around his neck.  We weren’t sure what it said.  Gorgeous dog!

Anytime I am missing home, I go to Costco.  It’s THE closest thing I can go to that reminds me of America.  And even that, they don’t have a lot of the same American products (no Goldfish crackers, Rice Krispies, Pop-Tarts, Cheetos, etc).

Btw…I’m sure several of you are wondering what it’s like to try on clothes here in Korea.  Let me tell you…I went shopping the other day and wanted these legging things with a skirt attached which is all the rage in Korea.  They are all “free” size, which means one size fits all.  Hah!  Only if you’re a tiny size 2-4 Korean girl.  So I asked for the big size.  I tried it on, and this was literally how I looked.  Just click on the link.

This tumblr blog by the way is absolutely the BEST and FUNNIEST way ever to describe what living in Korea is truly like.  I see some of these and literally shout out loud “YES!”

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