I used to think that I was a very patient person, upon until recently.  I have been suffering from some home sickness and I was about to make a decision based on my need to get a hug from my mom.  My brother-in-law is always telling me to see the forest and not the trees, think about the big picture.  So yesterday I sketched out a big picture version of my life and the things I want to accomplish in the next five years and all of it requires patience.  I have been battling with whether to renew my contract or not and I was thinking not to because I miss my family terribly.  When I was first doing the application process my close loved ones were all like ” don’t worry about being so far we will definitlely come and visit you,” ” I can’t wait to come to South Korea.”  fast forward 8 months later and no one is coming and no one intends to come. My mom can’t afford it, my sister is making a  big move herself so she has other priorities and everyone else has a life. So, I was about to not renew so I could be home for the holidays and spend them with my family.  Instead of looking beyond the trees at my real goals I almost gave up the opportunity that I really wanted.  Dreams and goals take time and I have to nurture them no matter how badly I want to hug my mom.  At the end of the day I don’t want to think about the coulda , shoulda, woulda. I want to say, “I did”.

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