field trip to spa valley!

field trip to spa valley!

WOOWHOOOOO FIELD TRIP DAY!  Unlike that last school field trip where I wasn’t invite to go along I was invited to supervise my schools trip to Spa Valley in Daegu. Which to equivalent to hurricane harbor or raging waters back home. Days leading up to the trip my kids kept on asking me if I was going to go to the swimming pool with them on Friday and my answer every single time would be “I don’t know.” Because for a while I really didn’t know if I was going to go with them or not. I thought it was a giant community pool because the kids kept on calling it a swimming pool I had no idea that it was an amusement park type of thing.

The school chartered buses for each class and we headed down to Spa Valley. The drive took maybe about an hour-ish. Gahh my kids looked so freaking happy to be there, it was so cute. Every time they ran passed me they’d yell over and over again “hi Maysa teacher” and every time they said hi to me I’d say it back to them. I spent most of the day taking pictures of them and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. There were the kids that stopped for me to take their pictures, the ones that hid from me and the ones that I got the candid pictures of. Those were my favorites. The ones where they stopped and tried to play with me and I’d take there pictures instead. Just thinking about it makes me smile again. I ended up taking close to 500 pictures that day. What I did was sit down and sort out my picture my grade levels: 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th. Then picking my favorite and best ones to put them in a video for the kids to watch during class. Which they really enjoyed. I liked it because I got to see their smiles and laughs as they watch it as cheesey as that sounds.

병준 and 현섭 to of my co workers.

My poor little kids once the day finished and they all changed back out of their swim suits they looked so tired. (oh side note: my kids went swimming in their swim suits and their “regular” attire.) I hung around my 4-2 girls while we waited for the rest of the students and staff to gather in the lobby. It was little chilly that day so I was checking the girls hair to see if it had dried enough because i didn’t want any of them to catch a cold. I ended up like a mom grabbing their towels and drying their hair for them. I’d hear them say 상쾌한 which means refreshing. The next thing i knew it, there was a line of 4th grade girls waiting for me to dry their hair for them. freaking cuties. 

When everyone gathered the homeroom teachers had to take their classes to have lunch so the teachers who didn’t have a homeroom class (English teachers, science/health teachers) along with the head master and vice principle we we made out way to a coffee shop where we waited for the students to finish lunch. Our vice principle treated us to coffee and a yummy cake treat. This was one of the rare times that I as with my co teacher and with the other teachers in an almost non-formal-ish environment where the staff asked me personal questions. Normally my co teacher isn’t there cause it’s during volleyball, haha. But it’ was nice and awkward at the same time having here there cause I had a translator for both ways: someone to translate the question and someone to translate my answer. But I think i kept it a little formal compared to when I talk to my staff at volleyball.

my co teacher sunny


End of the trip was the start of the weekend.

so much more next time,


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