First snow

First snow

Being from California, Los Angeles out of all places I mainly experience a few seasons though out the year. Mainly nice perfect weather all year round. It’s true. Sorry guys. Our winter’s will drop to the lowest of maybe 40 degrees on a really cold day including some showers for a few day. Where then in California everyone forgets how to drive their cars. Spring/summer are kinda lumped together when I really think about it. ahah The weather’s really nice. There might be a little bit more of the Santa Anita winds in the spring and more heat during the summers (ahh and those brush fires) but it’s pretty nice weather all around. Then we have fall. Which includes a mixture winds, rain, and leftover heat from the summer. That’s basically California weather.

When I moved to Korea, I knew that I was going to experience snow. There was no hiding it. It was going to happen. And when it finally did happen I was like a little kid that had never seen snow before. In reality, I’ve only seen snow maybe twice? But I’ve never experience snow falling, yet the first snow fall of the season.

It happened on a Monday right before my 6th period class. My 5th graders rushed into my classing saying “it’s snowing! it’s snowing!” I grabbed my jacket and my phone and ran outside to our forest. Where it was in fact snowing. I couldn’t had been more excited. It didn’t take long for the other students to follow me outside where I as taking pictures and video.

All that excited happened the 10 minute passing period between classes ahha. When we made our way back into our classroom, my co teacher explained to my kids that I’ve never experienced snow like this before and they couldn’t believe it. But I couldn’t had been more happy at that very moment. My co teacher and the other teacher kept on telling me not to get too excited because it wasn’t real snow. But I’m from California, snow IS snow to me.

The first real snow fell overnight a few days later and was amazing. I snapped pictures my entire way to school, at school and during the entire day. The first thing that my kids did when they got to school was of course play with the snow. When I got to my classroom I opened one of the windows and made a snowball from the snow that had piled up and made my way to the forest where the kids were already playing with the snow. One of the boys came charging at me with some snow until i pulled a snowball out from behind me. Then the words “waa 메이사쌤대박”

To tell you the truth. I’m over the snow. HA! My true colors are showing.

So much more next time



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