Great week at school in South Korea

Great week at school in South Korea

On Monday, we got a new soap on a stick. What an exciting day!

On Tuesday, we had another dance party with Mina and Seora. Jin Ju told me that I have good dance moves. Woo-hoo!

Since I can come up with cheezy songs to help teach kids English, I’ve been given the task of creating songs with each lesson for my elementary students. I really enjoy doing this…it makes me quite happy. Wonder if there’s a way I could market this…

I have come up with several so far. I want to figure out a way to record them with my camera and upload them to my Mac and then edit them with iMovies. I haven’t tried or figured it out. That’s on my list of things to do!

Sometimes, I wish I could take Seora home with me. I just adore her and Mina. Last week I saw Seora out in the courtyard in front of our school. I said her name, and she runs/skips/hops over to me with this huge smile on her face. She takes both my hands and just holds them while smiling. She does this pretty much every time she sees me. I’ve never had anyone do that. Man, I feel loved. Hoping I can bottle some of that and take it home with me.

And now…for the absolute BEST thing that happened last week…in fact, it was one of the THE best (if not the best) things that has happened to me at school this year…
I always start the class off by singing the songs I made up and going over what day it is and the weather (yes, it gets VERY boring doing this 22 times a week). After chatting for a bit, I played the sing along version of “Let It Go” for my middle school students. My new co-teacher, Jin Ju, came in at the middle of us all singing along. Then she plays it again. I thought it was another sing along. Nope. Just for me to sing by myself. They start clapping along while I sing. When I hit the big note, they start cheering. Then they all shout “encore” afterwards. Wow. Oh wow. I am SO incredibly happy right now. You have no idea.

I just love this sing along version!

I had that same class today, and they begged me to sing it again. However, I have a cold now so it wouldn’t have been pretty. Maybe next class!

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