“Holy crap, I’m moving to Korea!” FAQ’s (Part 2)

“Holy crap, I’m moving to Korea!” FAQ’s (Part 2)

There was obviously no way that I could fit everything about what coming to Korea is like in one blog post, so here is a quick continuation of some of the most frequently asked questions I’ve gotten from people about to take the cross continental move! Some of you will be here as early as next week (Oh ma gerd!!!) so let’s get you started:

6. “Incheon Airport is HUUGGGEEEE…how will I know where to go when I land if everything’s in Korean…?!”

Ok, Incheon Airport is where you’ll get your first real lesson on being in Korea: when in doubt, follow the crowd. Incheon IS in fact one of the biggest airports I’ve ever been in, but once I landed I genuinely just followed the crowd out of the terminal, into the little train that takes you around to the front of the airport, kept following people to customs, through customs, and then out the door to baggage claim. There will also, more than likely, be at least a few foreigners on your flight and I know of people bonding and sticking together from the moment they step on the plane. There are also tons of help desks scattered throughout the airport and nearly everyone I ran into could speak enough English to point me in the right direction. Trust me, if I made it through, YOU can make it too:)


7. “What can I expect from EPIK Orientation?”

Sheer, ridiculous, awesomeness. You’re going to be super busy from the time the sun comes up until it goes down, and you’ll meet literally hundreds of awesome people, some of whom will become your best friends from the moment you land in Korea. Wayyyyyyyy back long ago (6 months now…what?!) I documented my entire experience at orientation. Keep in my mind I was still totally jet lagged and was more than likely blogging late at night after a long day on a tablet so realize that, while it may not be the best grammar wise, it should be informational on what you can expect!


8. “I’m doing my last minute packing *squeals*! Anything that I can/should throw in last minute that most people don’t think of???”

Besides things from the list I made not too long ago, I would HIGHLY suggest bringing:

  • Pictures from home. You’d be amazed what just having a pic of your bff up in your room can do for you after a long day when you just want your friends/family with you.
  • Snacks and seasonings! I kick myself everyday of my LIFE for not thinking to bring Old Bay and Season All along. There are some things you’re just not going to be able to find in Korea. Sometimes just the smell of the Old Bay seasoning my mom sent me makes my whole day better
  • MOOOOVVVIIIIEEESSSS…I actually almost left my Lion King dvd at home when I left because I thought, ‘I can just download it when I get there’, but I am SO glad I brought a physical copy with me. Again, it was pure nostalgia that made me pack the first and last Harry Potter movies along with a few key others, but after a long day just curling up with one does the trick. I took an old CD case and brought about a dozen movies along with me. It didn’t take up any space at all and it definitely helps!


9. “Ok be real with me: how much luggage is TOO MUCH luggage?”

Great question. Actually, I came over with 3 suitcases and a laptop bag. This may sound super excessive, but actually my smallest suitcase and laptop bag counted as carry-ons (which totally worked out) and then the larger two were juuuuuuuust under weight limit. I’d say most people come over with at least 2 or 3 suitcases, even some of the guys and definitely the girls since we have to account for things like hair products and makeup. I would say the only limit is how much you can carry yourself. Going through Incheon everyone else will have their own luggage so it’ll be hard to get help when they’re struggling just as much as you are. Know your limits superhero packers!


10. “I can’t believe I’m actually moving to KOREA! Any last minute suggestions before I board that plane?”

Honestly, no! Haha I can blog all day about how great Korea is and how many fun adventures you’ll have when you get here. Until you get here though, you’ll never truly understand what I’m talking about or what I mean. Like any trip abroad this is going to be a whole new experience, and if I can give you any advice it’s this:

  •   *Don’t be shy, ask ALLLLLL the questions you need answered. More than likely  at    least a dozen other people have the same question.
  •   *Don’t be afraid to try and speak the language. The only way you’ll learn is to be        embarrassing and ridiculous at least once so someone can correct you.
  •     When in doubt, smile and nod. Turns out that this is in fact universal!
  • Make tons of friends at orientation and after. Everyone was new here once and we all know how it feels to be a little disoriented, even lost.
  • Go on any and every adventure possible. Who knows when you’ll get an opportunity like this again?


Good luck to all of you travelling this week and in the future! If you have any other questions feel free to shoot an e-mail to daebakdayz@gmail.com before and after your landing!


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