Jeongseon, South Korea!

Jeongseon, South Korea!

So this past weekend we had a long break so my friend decided to do several day trips and check out the attractions close to home. Living in a small town in Korea you have to get creative with the places you go to visit. We decided to check out the town of Jeongseon, its attractions included a rail-bike, zip lining, a sky walk, caves and a few temples. My friend and I took a bus from our town to Jeongseon and decided our priorities would be the rail-bike, zip-lining, and the sky walk. Once we arrived at the bus terminal in Jeongseon we were told to walk down the street and at the next intersection a yellow shuttle bus will come and pick us up to take us to the sky walk and the zip lining. It was a beautiful day and a holiday as well so we had to wait about an hour in line for the sky walk. It costs about $5000 won. It was really cool and very beautiful the views were breathtaking. IMG_20140510_210038

IMG_20140510_205653 They only let about 20 people on the sky walk at a time but still very cool. After the sky walk we decided to zip line. Apparently it is the longest zip line in Asia. This is not like zip lining in Costa Rica where you are just going tree to tree and can’t really see below you. This is a 300 foot drop over mountains and a river as well as some road. The feeling is exhilarating and the views are worth it. IMG_20140510_205908

1399093002691 We thought after zip lining we could go to the rail bike but unfortunately you have to have reservations. All in all if you ever find yourself in the Jeongseon county of the Gangwon-do province , Jeongseon, has some attractions that are very fun.

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