Laundry in Korea

Laundry in Korea

Doing laundry in Korea is well….interesting.  It’s VERY different than back home in the states.  For one thing, there is NO dryer.  I repeat.  NO dryer.  You have to hang your laundry on the drying racks.  It wouldn’t be so bad if the washer didn’t beat your clothes senseless.  And the lint!  The lint goes anywhere and everywhere.  It’s supposed to be caught in these little lint catchers.  Check it out.

Look at all that lint!

And then you put it in the lint basket.

Since there is no dryer, you have to hang everything.  The sheets are too big for the drying rack, so I hang them on the door.  It works.

Aren’t you glad you have a dryer at home?  I will definitely be grateful for mine when I move back home!

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