Let Me Tell You a Little About Seoul

Let Me Tell You a Little About Seoul

Last weekend I went into Seoul for the second time.

Oh before anything. If you haven’t heard about the the horrible accident that happened last week about the ferry sinking let me give a really quick summary. Last a ferry traveling from Seoul to Jeju island sank in it’s 11th out of 14th hour. When i talked to my dad I told him it was as if you took a ferry from Bangkok to Phuket and it made more sense to him. The majority of the passengers on board were students, high school students that are still missing or dead. My heart goes out to them and their families. To put it simply #prayforkorea. That’s all.

The first time I went to Seoul was a few weeks ago for Nicole’s birthday. Seoul has a lot of people, a lot. I’ll sum of my first time in Seoul as quickly as I can. I took the train into Seoul and it took 3ish hours. My 5th and 6th graders just had a writing test so I spent a good amount of time grading their papers on my ride in. I sat next to an older lady who feed me all these snacks that she had brought with her. From what I figured out she was going to visit her daughter. Than an older gentleman sat next me and watched me grade my papers and keep asking why the questions was either right or wrong. It was a good experience.

When I made it into Seoul and met up with my friends we grabbed some food at the station and made our way to Myeongdong. When I did a little shopping and saw how busy Seoul really is.

We meet up with the rest of our friends for Nicole’s birthday dinner in Hongdae. Dinner was an all you can eat bbq. Yes I said it, all you can eat. oh em gee was it good. We made our way to a bar and had drinks. Then made our way to a club, where there was once again toooooo many people.

The next day we made it to a cute noodle place and made our ways home. short and simple recap with pictures 🙂

My second time in seoul I did some pretty good damage to my wallet.  This time it was just Karen and I and she took me shopping around Seoul.  Dude, I got just about everything and anything that I wanted. We literally just ate and shopped. Gosh I love this girl. So I’m just gonna post pictures. Karen and I did a lot catching up, nothing I want to share with you :p


more next time,


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