More cherry blossoms!

More cherry blossoms!

Bola and I loved the cherry blossoms so much that we decided to go to Kaist University on Sunday to see the cherry blossoms. We had heard that it’s a fabulous place to see them.

I’m going to apologize up front for the amount of pictures, but I just couldn’t help it. I was SO overwhelmed by all the beautiful cherry blossoms. My camera was SO happy that day!

We met near the subway station and started walking toward Kaist. We had to cross this huge bridge.

As I was standing up on the bridge, I looked around at my gorgeous city and realized that I am so grateful to have been placed in Daejeon. I was sad at first when I got my placement, but I can’t imagine being in any other city in Korea. Love Daejeon!

What a cute little munchkin!

Walking along the rive to get to Kaist. It was SO pretty!

She was posing for her daddy. Aww…

Check out all the “snowy” cherry blossoms on the ground.

Wanna camp out at the university?

We just missed the Cherry Blossom Festival by 30 minutes.

I got out my prime lens to take some pictures, focusing on the aperture. What do you think?

A little girl playing baseball with her daddy. So sweet.

Hey! There’s an Olive Garden!

Crossing the river

Can you see Expo Park far off in the distant land?

Yeah, I would SO not do that!

Yes, that dog’s tail is bright blue. His sister’s tail was bright pink.

When we finally got to Home Plus, we saw that they were having a big flea market in front. There was mostly children clothes and toys.

The strollers in Korea are so clever during the winter with their clear protective plastic.

This Home Plus was huge!

Pork & Beans for almost $3.00

Children’s clothes in Korea are SO stinkin’ adorable!

Oh. My. Gosh. SOOO adorable!

Of course you want matching undies with your honey, right?

So I was taking picture of adorable children’s clothes, and this cutie-patootie came up to me and pointed to her glittery shoes. She was so cute and loved to pose for the camera.

Bola wanted to go to Ali Baba’s since I had talked so much about it. We went all the way over there, and sadly it was closed. Boo.

Rodeo Street

Matching couple shirts. Awww….

Matching undies with your honey!

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