Music weekend

Music weekend

Once again I’m sorry for not updating more often. Time sometimes slips away from me, for better and for worst depending on for you look at it. So let’s start with another update.

Way back when I went to watch the musical Phantom of the Opera in Daegu at Keimyung University.  I really enjoyed the performance regardless of running into a few problems before seeing the show.

Later on that night we went downtown for a little music gig for local musicians at urban. Before that we grabbed some grub, fried chicken and beer!

The music started out kind slow so we made out way to get some drinks, well my friends got drinks. I already reached my limit with beer and soju at dinner. But oh they had sparklers, how i love sparklers.

We made our way back to Urban and we finally was able to see a pretty good band, Say Sue Me. We started for the majority of their set unlike the rest of the groups where we just stopped by to check it out and went back outside to catch some fresh air.

(group shot at the club.)

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