Slumber Party

Slumber Party

Oops! I got my posts out of order.

On our long holiday weekend, I hosted a slumber party at my house. Saree, Rachel, and Amber came over to my apartment. I took them to a great BBQ buffet restaurant near my house, and then we came back to my place.

Out came the fun hairstyles and Backstreet Boys on the iPod speakers.

There was dancing.
There was crack dip.
There was nail painting.
There was Bride and Prejudice, one of my favorite movies….a Bollywood movie.
There was fun.
There was laughter.

This is their “Korean” picture. Do you get it? They are all wearing Konglish T-shirts and doing Korean things…..talking on the phone or taking selfies.

Yeah…..we are SOOOOOO cool!

The next morning we made a big stack of pancakes for breakfast along with fruit and juice. It was a fabulous slumber party. And there were no prank calls made to boys.

One thing I LOVE about living in Korea is this….I am old enough to technically be these girls’ mom. But I don’t ever feel like that around them. I don’t ever feel old when I’m with them. (They swear to me that I don’t look or act my age either which is a good thing.) I just feel like one of the girls. We’re all single, and we’re all enjoying life. I’m going to REALLY REALLY miss this part about Korea. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE all my married with kids friends at home. I truly do. But it’s just nice to hang out with other singles who are living life to the fullest, experiencing this big adventure of living in another country together. I may not be doing a good job of explaining this, but I was really nervous moving over here that I would feel like the “old fart” in a sea of young’uns. I don’t feel like that at all. I sure don’t feel like my age even though I’ve been through quite a lot.

I want to continue feeling young at heart and adventurous when I move home. I’ve got a couple of ideas rolling around in my head as to how to do this. If you’ve got any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

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