Spring Has Sprung in South Korea

Spring Has Sprung in South Korea

by Kelsey Mans, Greenheart Travel English Teacher in South Korea

The new school year started the first week of March.  I am teaching 1st-3rd graders (10th-12th grade), so I have about 550 students – every student in the school.  It’s a lot, but at least it’s not 550 brand new students.  I am doing decently with names, and my new 1st grade boys are AWESOME.  For some reason, they think my class is the greatest thing to happen to the school.  They come prepared everyday, they participate, they finish their work, and to top it off, they like telling me how much they love English-e (we’re working on this) class.  I don’t know where these angels came from, but it’s seriously too good to be true.  I also get to spend an extra two hours with 24 of them after school on Wednesdays.  Yes, that’s right.  I created English Club, only the coolest hangout in school.  These kids willingly chose to join English club.  There’s no credit, no tests, just speaking English and having fun.  It’s the highlight of my week!

I’m really proud of my kids.  They are goofy and sometimes speak the most horrendous English I have ever heard, but we have a good time in class.  Of the kids above, some have chosen the following English names: Johnson, Lily, Obama, Cruse, and Bulgogi.  That should give you an idea of the personalities they’ve got going on.

Here are a couple little stories from the first part of our school year…

1)  The first week of school, some of the second graders thought that this was the best way to greet me after 2 months…

‘Hey! Yo Kelshe! Yo Baby!  What’s up Baby?!  Yo yo!’

I don’t know who taught them this or where they picked it up.  It’s just not okay. No one, especially you’re hip cool English teacher, should ever be called ‘yo baby…’

2) Writing small talk conversations:

A: Hey
B: Hey
A: How are you?
B: I’m fine.  And you?
A:  I’m not so good.
B: What’s wrong?
A: My dog died.
B: What happened?
A: My dad ate him.
B:  Oh!  That is very frightening.
A: What should I do?
B: Don’t worry.  Everything will be okay.  You can buy a new dog!
A: Sounds great!  Thanks!
B:  No problem.  Bye!
A: Bye!

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