Teacher’s “work” out day

Teacher’s “work” out day

Co-teacher : “Maysa tomorrow we will have a work out day.”

Me : “Okay. What’s a work out day? (I’m thinking exercise”)

Co-teacher : “The teachers will leave and have relaxing day outside of school.”

So basically, it’s a day that the teachers leave the campus to “work” in a different environment. But in reality, its a day that we get to relax and not have to worry about work and school. The past few weeks the teachers have been super overwhelmed with deadlines after deadlines that they had to meet. There was one day that my co teacher didn’t even leave school until 11:30 pm. It was a much needed break that the teachers needed.

We headed off to Gumi, to take a walk around the beautiful lake right before you reach Gumosan (Gumo mountain). The weather the past few days leading up to the day was really cold, but this day the weather was really perfect for it.

But first we headed to and ecological center in Gumi. Of course everything was in Korean and I was once again separated from my co teacher. It was nice, there was buttons and stuff that i pushed and pictures so that I was able to connect the dots to what I was looking at.

After we finished we stared out walk around the lake. I spend most of the time taking to the younger crowd of course. It’s nice just being able to talk to some of the staff with out my co teacher some times. I feel more reserved from time to time when she around. But in the end a good conversation among my peers is all that the doctor ordered.

dinner next! This was the first time that I had a staff dinner that I didn’t sit with my co teacher. So I was left to fend for myself. And I think that I did pretty good ahah. One of the other teacher’s had suggest that we head to Gumo Land (this mini amusement park) after and ride the viking after dinner.  My answer? Call. ahah I think he was surprised. So after dinner we walked over and to find out that it was already closed at 7pm?!

Oh bonus, one of the teachers that had transferred at the end of the 1st semester was actually having a staff dinner at a restaurant close by and stopped by for a quick drinks with us. Of course we welcomed him with open arms. What a day.

so much more next time.



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