Ten ways our first year in SK is like being a Freshman in college again

So after months of paperwork and maybe even years of planning, you’ve finally made it to Korea!!!

It’s a super exciting time, as you can imagine. Even though it can be super difficult and a lot of hard work, our first couple of months have kind of felt like being in college all over again.

1. Everything is fascinating because it’s new. Seriously, the first time I saw a toilet flush here I was like

2. You’re basically going to eat whatever you want because you have to try all the good stuff, right?!

3. You’ll make a million new friends, and everyone will feel like the foreign exchange student together.

4. Those friends will become like your new family, whether they like it or not.

5. Every weekend for the first 2 months is going to be like Spring Break because you just want. To. See. EVERYTHING.

So couch surfing is going to become a fairly regular occurrence when people live where you want to visit.

6. Even though it’s awesome, a lot of things are going to confuse you because everything’s new.

7. Even simple tasks are going to make you feel dumb.

8. At fairly crucial moments, sleep will be absolutely optional. So you had a great time in Seoul this weekend? Great, now where’s your lesson plans for the week??

9. Between learning a new language, working all day and adjusting to life in a new country, some days are going to feel overwhelming…

10. …but those new friends of yours? They’ll be there to get you through:)

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