Thank you Yakdong Elementary

Thank you Yakdong Elementary

I can’t believe that’s it’s been a whole year that I’ve been teaching in Korea AND that I’m going to do it again for another year! For this update I say my thank you’s to the most amazing school and staff.

When I decided to renew my contract with EPIK I was told that there was a slight chance that I wouldn’t have my school and that I would be given another school to teach at. We never thought that they would take away my school and give me a new school plus two rural schools to teach at. I was beyond disappointed that I wasn’t renewed at Yakdong. I wanted to stay another year and not have to start over with having to “fit” in a new school. But these are cards that have been dealt for the next year. I officially started my first day at my new school today, which so far I’ve spend the entire day desk warming but I’ll save this for another update.

There’s 3 main thank you that I want say:

First, to my amazing staff at Yakdong. I would had been so lost without the staff opening so much to me. And a great deal I think was because of volleyball, which was something that I did without my co teacher. I do hope that volleyball at my new school helps me ease in with the staff. Thank you for everything to giving me snacks to eat, rides home, and to dragging me to play volleyball on those days that I’d rather hide in my classroom. Thank you for trying your best to talk to me in your broken English only to have me respond back in my broken Korean. Thank you for worrying about me when you really didn’t have to and for letting me in on your inside jokes. The list can go on forever of all the things that I’m thankful this past year.

Next, my loveable students. I really do love them to pieces, every single one of them. My last two weeks of school, once the students found out that I wasn’t going to return to school it seemed like all they wanted to do was spend time with me. I spent one lunch people holding hands with one of my third graders playing hide and seek with her classmates. I received a great deal of hand written letters along with gifts from my students which just melted my heart. “Teacher I won’t forget you” “teacher thank you” “Teacher please don’t go.” My only responds that I could give them is thank you with hugs. To my kids, I hope that you never grow up. Stay this innocent that your are forever. I hope that you never forget Maysa Teacher and that we’ll meet again one day. Thank you oh so much for loving me this year.

Lastly, my co teacher, Sunny. Sunny and I butted heads from time to time but regardless she was always there to help me, school related or not. She really went beyond what she was supposed to do for me and I can’t describe the gratitude I have towards her. She made my first year in Korea move with ease. Simply thank you.

Once again thank you Yakdong elementary school for making my first year in Korea so memorable, for making my experience in Korea so unforgettable, for making me fall in love with this country of yours.

Thank you.

so much more next time


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