Thanksgiving in Korea

Thanksgiving in Korea

The Sunday before Korea, my church had a potluck Thanksgiving lunch after the service.  It was a surprise to me.  I wasn’t sure about going since I hadn’t brought anything, but neither did Saree or Patrick.  So we all went and had a fabulous time.  They had us sit at different tables according to the number that we drew so that we could meet new people.  I just love my church.  The food was FAN-TAS-TIC!!  It was so good!

On actual Thanksgiving Day, I had to work.  For dinner, about 20 of us met at the subway station and headed over to Rio de Janeiro, a Brazilian buffet restaurant.

This place is unique because they bring rotisserie meet right to your table.  You have a meat plate, and they ask you if you want some meat.  My answer was always yes.  I felt like such a carnivore!

James and Erin

James is a professional photo-bomber!

This is THE only meat I did not eat….chicken hearts.

This guy reminded me so much of Ben Stiller…especially in There’s Something About Mary, where Ben Stiller is the dorky high school student with braces, an afro, and a blue tuxedo.  This guy even had braces.  Once I said this to Erin, she totally agreed!

Amanda and Bola

With Erin

Our table


With Bola

Two of our meat men…they both had beautiful accents and VERY different from Korean accents, which was a nice change.

It was THE BEST food I have had in Korea.  Hands down!  It was 40,000 won (about $37), and I was a little concerned about the price, but not afterwards.  I will definitely be going there again!!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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