This week was good.

This week was good.

Midterms are coming up so I have time to update. Maybe that’s way this week was good, lol. I’ll give you a day by day play of my week.

Monday: coming off of my weekend in Seoul. I felt good. My classes went smoothly. My students are just as cute as ever. They’re still trying to get use to getting me. They start at a bow and stop half way and say “hello” to me. When they’re leaving hello and they catch themselves and say goodbye but I still get a “have a nice day” at the end of the day instead of “see you tomorrow.”  I’m just happy that they talk to me and use English.

Tuesday: class  went a little slow. I started a new lesson with my 5th graders. Whenever we start a new lesson, the kids look at me when I introduce new vocabulary. That’s because they don’t understand what I’m saying. But that’s normal, the stares are just a little, yea. Imagine 20 pairs of little eyes just staring at you, waiting. My after school class has been a little slow. The most I have in the class is 4 kids. But only 1 has shown up the past 2 or 3 classes. It’s hard. I plan for an activity for 4 of them but only 1 comes and i have to change the lesson so that class isn’t just a waste of time. I always hope that more kids come. I get really excited when they do. My after school classes are very informal. My name goal is to have the kids talk as much English as they can. But I’ve shifted it the past few classes because they’re writing skills isn’t that great. It was reflected on the writing test. Their speaking skills is pretty good, it’s just their writing.

Volleyball was quick on Tuesday, but it was fun. We had some Chinese food that was delivered. I talked to some of the teachers and found out that I wasn’t the youngest teacher on the staff. When I told one the teacher that I was older the first thing that he said was “noona” which means older sister. Then another teacher walked by, he told me that they were the same age, and point to me and said noona. “oh noona” Mannnnn, I don’t want to be a noona. And that was the end of volleyball. Later when I as sitting in the admin office waiting for my ride they the female staff told me to call them “unnie” which is older sister. They also asked me who I thought was more “handsome” between the two of the teachers. All I could do was giggle about it. I answered and said that they’re both handsome, then the door slides open and they walk in. I’m pretty sure they told them what I had just said and smiled at me. Little awkward.

Wednesday: my classes was a total mess on Wednesday. I didn’t get the chance to lesson plan with Sunny because she was working on the midterm and I had volleyball. The 6th grader started a new lesson and the 5th graders had just started a new lesson the day before. I had lesson planned the night before for class but it didn’t quite work out. I feel bad because Sunny has so much to do. I really hope she doesn’t have and resentment build up towards me.

For volleyball we that a staff co-ed game. I haven’t had this much fun playing in Korea in a while, even though the women’s team lost to the men’s team. But my finger still hurts too, I’m not sure about that. I should really get it checked. I heard somewhere that if you teach English in the elementary school in Korea that volleyball should be a requirement. They’re crazy about volleyball, it’s just a bonus that I know how to play. One of the homeroom teachers is our coach for the volleyball team, which the other male teachers come to help coach when they have time.  But they all know how we play, so they know where all the weaker players are. Not cool guys. But I did get extra points for being myself. What does that mean? When I missed a ball, or hit a ball out of play I’d jump up and down or yell here and there which turned into a replay or a point for the women’s team because it was “cute.” lol. I don’t mind being called cute at all.

Then chicken for everyone.

I simply love my staff. 

Thursday:  I found out on Thursday that because of the ferry accident that the government has cancelled the teacher’s sports day. I’m relieved and sad at the same time. (Side note: my heart hurts thinking about those in ferry accident. Thinking about how those students will never be able to grow-up and experience life. parents should never have to grieve the lost of a child. ) Relived that I finally get some time to lesson plan some place other then my bedroom at home. I get some of my time back because of the cancellation of the sport day and to actually desk warm. Sad because volleyball practice is actually one of the only times during the day that I get to hang out with the other staff. My desk is in the English classroom I don’t really have much interaction with the other teachers other than at volleyball. I see them at lunch, but that’s all I see them, the homeroom teachers have lunch with their students. And I don’t get to play volleyball any more either.

Classes went smoothly, 3rd and 4th graders. Always cute as a button these kids of mine. Oh I did make one mistake. I was walking around campus taking pictures of the campus and of my student while eating a lollipop. A group of students came up to me as said “Maysa teacher, candy please” and I responded “candy 없어요”. I’m not suppose to speak Korean to these kids! They got really excited that I knew any Korean. I went two months without saying a single Korean words to these kids. I was destroyed by candy. Before my slip-up they kids were already curious if I knew any Korean. There are times when I run into them around campus and they try to ask me questions or tell me stories I understand bits and pieces of it and answer their Korean questions in English. During class one time they asked my co-teacher I knew/spoke Korean because of situations like this. I’m not suppose to use any Korean with them, even if its my broken Korean.

Friday (today): Have I told you that I hate Friday school days. I have 6 classes, yes I teach all 6 periods on Friday. So today was a review day for my 3rd and 4th graders. I think that the 3rd grade classes went pretty smooth, a few hiccups here and there but we got though the review material. 4th grade was tough today. It was hard for them to stay focused. In both of my fourth grade classes there are kids with special needs and somethings they can get disruptive. Other students don’t deal with it well. It’s really different then how we treat or assist students with learning disabilities or special needs inside of a classroom back home. Then my 6th graders, who are border line “too cool for school” and “cute to the core”.  I can’t win with these kids.

Early in the day I told Sunny that in finger was still bothering me and I she could take me to get it checked out. So, yes my finger is sprained. I thought that it was just a really bad bruise or that I jammed it. But it’s been two weeks and it was still brother me. The doctor told me that it’s gonna take time to heal and to take it easy. Basically don’t play volleyball, that’s isn’t a problem anymore.

some of my kids to make you smile

woo, that was a good update. looking forward to tomorrow. I’m going into Daegu to watch the Phantom of the Opera. Labor day is also coming up, which a day off. And a long weekend is just around the corner where I’m going to Geoje and Yokji island with my friends. Can’t wait!

so much more next time,


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