volleyball is a must at elementary schools

volleyball is a must at elementary schools

I was told by our resident Native English teacher Charlie (whose been living in Korea now for 5 years) that volleyball gets kind of crazy and intense in elementary schools in Korea. She jokey told me that it should had been on our EPIK applications to state if we play volleyball or not if we are placed into an elementary school. Which I think is pretty accurate at this point in time.

I started playing volleyball right before I graduated the 8th grade and that was May-ish of 2003, so it’s been awhile, right? I mean you expect me to understand and know how to play and the rules of the sport. Which I do, but I’m not the best player but I can get down and dirty when I want to. A good game with old friends or a random match at open gym, I’m done for it.

When I told my staff that I played volleyball back home in the states you should had seen the look in their eyes. It sparkled like stars, haha. “YES WE GOT ONE” they must have thought to themselves. I’m not gonna lie, my school is a little intense when it come to playing volleyball, especially the female teachers. Starting a few weeks ago, we started having volleyball again just for fun: Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. And it was fun. Then all of a sudden we had a game scheduled with another elementary school and things got a little crazy. It turned into volleyball practice every single day.  I do mind, I’m not gonna lie about it but it’s not like I can say no to the staff. But this heat and humidity is killer.  I’m just tired all the flippin’ time now. I don’t have enough time to desk warm to finish my lessons for the next day and when I get home just want to take a nap/sleep. I don’t understand a few things either. The male teachers come to volleyball and help the female teachers practice but once the clock hits 4:30 if they want to leave they can. However if I want to leave Korean words start to fly all over the place and I end up staying until 5-5:30.

The other teachers ask/tell my co teacher questions or comments about me. “You know Maysa looks very tired these days, is she feeling okay?” ORMaysa’s lost her passion for playing volleyball with us.”  

uhh yea.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE my staff to pieces. I think I just reached my limit with the volleyball. Sometimes I feel like they’re not really elementary school teachers but athletes  training for a big competition or something. But volleyball was the best buffer I had to at the start of the semester to get close to my staff and it really made it easier for me to “talk” to them during this time. I do forget about these petty things when the staff treats me us to different things like coffee, bingso, chicken and so much more after we finish playing. It become more of a love hate relationship at that point. 😀

bingso makes everything better. who knew they delivered?!

I may have seen the end of volleyball at least until the end of the semester or till the start of the next semester. HOORAY right?!? So we finally had the game with the other school that my staff has been practicing so hard for. I haven’t heard a single utterance of volleyball since.

fingers crossed. I’ll finally be able to get some work and rest.

so much more next time,


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