Holiday Fun in South Korea

Holiday Fun in South Korea

My Christmas tree is all decorated, and I am all ready for Christmas to be hosted at my place.  Yep, that’s right.  About 15-20 people are coming over for Christmas lunch to my apartment.  I am so excited to be hosting!  It’s a potluck, so everyone is bringing a dish and a gift for our Chinese gift exchange.  I also have a couple Christmas movies if we want to watch them.

Last Saturday, we all went out to celebrate Saree’s (she’s on the right) birthday.  We went for Shabu Shabu and then to the Santa Claus bar to listen to some Irish music.

Check out her houseshoes…

Too bad I don’t like mushrooms because there were a lot of mushrooms.  They sure were pretty though!

Carlos being silly…

Everyone putting their shoes back on after dinner…

Santa Claus…I didn’t know this beforehand, but the guy in maroon playing the accordion is one of our fellow EPIK teachers.  Pretty cool, huh?

Two Korean women even got up and started Irish dancing.  It was so cool!

When in an Irish pub, one has to get Guiness.  James paid 8,000 (about $8) for his glass of Guiness.

Is the bridge beautiful or what at night?

Last Sunday night, we went to an orchestra concert.  One of Melissa’s co-teachers plays the violin in the orchestra and gave her several free tickets.  It was a good evening.  It would have been even better without the long Korean speeches and off-pitch flutist and violinist.  Man, were they off pitch.  So much that it made mine and Ashlee’s eyebrows go up.  We would just look at each other.  She told me afterwards that she had to stop looking at me because she would have cracked up.

Saree was REALLY hungry since she hadn’t had dinner, so she ate Pepero sticks that Ashlee gave her.

The one thing that was a little odd was that there was no bass in this orchestra, so it sounded a little high.  I missed the bass.

This flute soloist was SO good, and her dress was just gorgeous.

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