6 Ways to Convince Your Parents Teaching Abroad is a Great Career Move

It can be frustrating convincing family members that teaching abroad is a legit career move, rather than just a long-term vacation overseas. Luckily, we have awesome alumni like Paula HuYoung, who shares her advice below for convincing your parents that your teaching contract in Thailand (or any destination) is really worthwhile.

Here are Paula’s 6 Reasons Teaching will Help you Land Your Next Job:

  1. First off, professional/career benefits: Almost every interview I went on after my time in Thailand wanted to hear about my Thai experience, regardless of the position I was applying for. I included it on my resume even though the jobs I was applying for had nothing to do with being a teacher, and I think it really stood out to the interviewers because it was something different and unique. They all wanted to hear about it! Pretty sure it helped me get hired.
  2. Character building: Thailand isn’t all beaches and elephants, and while I had my fair share of both, real Thai life can be tough. The challenges you may face in Thailand make you a very resilient person and teaches you how to problem solve and overcome obstacles (which relates back to being a good skill interviewers love to hear about!). Also, no challenge wasn’t something I couldn’t overcome, but sometimes I was put out of my comfort zone – and I think going out of comfort zones is important for growth!
  3. Open mindedness: Seeing another way of life and another culture (with both it’s positives and negatives) teaches you to not pass judgement on things that might be different. It teaches patience and acceptance.
  4. Lessons in humility: Teaching, and more importantly, teaching in a developing nation, is one of those experiences that teaches you to “love life,” humble yourself, love your family, and be grateful for all that you have.
  5. Richness of life: I know it sounds so cliche, but everyone I know who went to Thailand is forever changed (for the better!) You help make a difference in students lives. It’s a fact that Thai people who speak English in Thailand have better, well-paying jobs, and have more opportunities for success.
  6. You really only have one life: It’s your life, not your parents, not your friends….it’s yours. You’re young and if you want to go abroad, now is the time.

My parents were hesitant about the whole Thai adventure at first, but after researching Greenheart Travel and finding out how legit the program was/is they became a little less worried (and I went when on the Thai program when it was just starting out, so there really wasn’t a Facebook page or blogs to read, or anything!!!).

They are so incredibly happy I went and had the experience I did. Hope this helps! Good luck!!!


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